this is a blog about the strength of a woman named je-yi.

check her blog: July 25, 2002 it was an amazing show of strength as she totally dismantled this weirdo. it says in the bible that we, as Christians, should respond to all negative things in the opposite spirit. that means if someone is angry, then you are happy... if someone if full of pain, then you are full of love. if someone is selfish, then show even more generosity. the reason for this is that the world can not hurt us in any lasting way.

"Weeping may go on all night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5b and if that's not enough... no person on the planet can hurt a person when that person is dead. therefore, there is a finite limit to how much you can hurt someone... so basically whatever you do doesn't really matter to me in the end... that's why we can act and walk in the opposite spirit. all the pain in the world was already taken by Jesus on the cross.

if you want to know what this means, if you want to see scripture being lived out.. check this woman's blog.

je-yi, today you showed me more of the bible than any amount of reading could ever reveal to me.


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