i'm back.

man... a chrisitan conference... with 12,000 delegates.. night rallies with over 20,000... speakers from all over the world... sermons that peirce your heart.. a place where God speaks to you at every session... 5 sessions a day... old grandfathers and young 5 year olds all praise His name under one HUGE roof....

i just had the most amazing week of my chrisitian life. Hillsong Conference was absolutely incredible. i mean the sheer force of so many christians in one area was overwhelming. the speakers ALL were so dynamic and full of substance that every day was an adventure. the things that God spoke to me are not mine to share openly, but i have to admit that the list is VERY long. it's not very often you do something that changes your loutlook on things... or that has an amazing impact on your life... but i was totally blessed to be there.. and i'm seriously out of adjectives that would explain the week.. but i think you all get it.

and australia is a beautiful place. people are nice, polite... beautiful and the weather was ABSOLUTELY spectacular. i have nothing but praise for the conference and my holiday.. i had a couple low points, but this isn't my place to complain anymore.

just to let you guys in, my fast of blogger for 2 weeks was pretty tough and numerous time i wanted to just look up your spots... but i didnt'. of which i'm VERY proud.. but i'm still fasting many things for the next 3 months so i was hoping people could still lift up my weaknesses in prayer over that time.. my prayer is to also stay focused on the thigns that i learned. i know that in the next 3 months the Enemy will do his very best to take away or restrict me from walking it out. i am dedicated to daily take up my armor against his cheekiness.

anyways... SOMEONE comment and let me know that people still read my page...


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