my list of revelations continue.

each day i have taken a new outlook on my life. my life is not waiting to get my next paycheck so that i can just buy more stuff... i have found the ultimate reason why i have been created, and why i was born into THIS time. no joke. and this isn't because i'm some weird religious freak, or because i'm brainwashed.

my reason for living on this planet is to show the world the love of God. to evangelize the entire planet before the second coming of Jesus Christ. to do what i can to let people know that there is a choice to their eternity and that everyday they turn away from that choice is another lost day.

i totally know that i'm riding a spiritual high after my conference, but i DO KNOW that some of me has changed forever. my goal right here and now is to ask God to empower these words YOU are reading to either catch some of this fire, or to ask yourself a question... is he crazy... or could he be on to something...? dont let these words just go in one ear and out the other. dont keep waiting for another miracle to happen... dont wait for some crazy sign or wonder... dont wait for Jesus to come right up to you after something horrible to happen... dont wait anymore. the miracle is happening right now when you are being prompted in your heart to really try what it is you keep hearing about...

actually, the miracle in my eyes is how YOU have kept rejecting the gospel to this day, without really sitting down and thinking about it.

it is time, stranger or not to me, to make another choice. isn't it funny that you could spend the rest of your life saying no to God, yet only need to say yes ONCE to change your life forever? just one time, try Christianity out and you will be changed... but you have got to stop waiting... and make today the day you let God change your life.


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