so i've finally worked myself out... i think.

i'm the kind of person that would rather live in a very small cramped, but sylish place. single bedroom or a studio... too big and i wouldn't know what to do with it. i'd have something smelling good buring as often as i could. funky coffee table books, a couple design books and some art work... a definite black and white collection of works by some low key dude that no one knows. cd player with surround sound around the small combined living and dining room. beats, classical, praise and worship, smooth/fusion jazz all there to add effect. but it'll all be behind my display of weird japanese druming stuff that i could never let go of since college. not too many pictures, but some random peices of art. simplicity is what i'm going for... the things you can see have a definite reason and story.. that's why you can see it... other stuff.. if no reason to be seen.. wont be. the kitchen only needs room for one.. the table needs only 3 seats... as i wont be inviting any more people than that. if i had a wife/girlfiend i would have 4 seats out.. us and another couple. anyways, i'd rather eat my plate of food on the sofa sipping one of my 5 bottles stashed away.. 3 red and 2 white... and one of the red being a sweet wine. talking about things that only small groups of people talk about... life, dreams, stories, memories, desires, fears, and what God has been doing or what He will do.

this is a snap shot of where i wish to be. it's so vivid in my mind that i feel i could compose this as a picture or a scene in a movie... it's so strong that i could close my eyes and be any of the people sitting in my dream apt. eating that pasta, sipping that wine. am i crazy? i'm just seriously thinking that this is what i consider my dream situation. my own place, my own decorations... my close friends... not too many people... man... i'm just a little dreamy right now... maybe in a couple of years.. this is where i will be... maybe...


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