adventures in the subway
so i usually fall asleep on the way home if i get a seat on the train. i nodded off last friday after a hard days work, just like any other day. my eyes opened suddenly when i realised that i was already at my stop and the doors were open. i jumped up and walked briskly to the escalator. in midstep i knew that most of my conscience was still dreaming about that white sanded beach with clear a blue rolling sea, so i didn't even notice that i kicked some old man in the shoe quite firmly. not really awake yet, i didn't even appologize... but i did see him stop walking out of the corner of my eye. i heard some mumbling under his breath but couldn't make it out through my CD heaphones. he basically waited for me to walk by.. which i did without thinking twice. right before i got on the escalator, i felt someone kick my shoe rather hard, coupled with some rather abusive language. i looked back to see the same old man laughing... and i turned away and couldn't help but smile.

so... i should've applogized.. but he got me back good. oh well.... you gotta love our senior citizens.


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