for those that don't know, i dont live with my parents. also for the same people, my parents built their own house is a small, dinky village that's about 10 minutes from the border to China.

2 weeks ago, my parents house was broken into. 2 guys, broke in the second floor, ran around the house, didn't take anything except one small jade buddha, and then left by busting the kitchen window. they even left money that was lying around.

my parents were slightly agitated, but they thought they were lucky. after that event i told them that they didn't take anything because they just wanted to to test the security and then see if you guys would react to the initial break in. they said what do you know.

days ago, my parents house got robbed, but this time they took whatever they could. there are some serious issues that i am dealing with. my father was away for the weekend, as he is almost every weekend. my mom was alone in the house. not only that, the robbers went inside my mothers room, and looked around. they stole most of the valuable things in the room, but that's not the point. my mom was wide awake when they came in, but what the hell was she supposed to do?

i have no love for my father, and that's not anything new. but he just laughed at my mom when she was almost in tears when she was telling me about the event. he was too busy talking about what he would've done if he was there.. with all his macho talk and all that. "i would've killed him. next time i'll kick his ass! next time... blahblahblah." yeah right.. that guy probably would've wiped the floor with him. what the hell is an overweight 62 yr old with a bad heart gonna do to some robber that has nothing to loose? what a stupid prick. there's not going to be a next dumbass, there's nothing left to steal.

another part of me just fumes at my christian side. it says in the bible that i should love my enemies.. that i should let anyone who is stealing from me take whatever they need... then ask that person if there's anything i could do for him/her. that i should, out of love, care and pray for that person. BUT do you know how hard that is?!?! i tell you what, i kept a bat in my room when i stayed at my parents place.. and i think i would've at least tried to scare them.

anyways.. i will try and pray for them now... i take it that they are not christian... and i can not in any way harm them anymore than a life in hell. i will pray for their salvation and then i will pray that i stop being angry at them... but it's such a test of faith... one of my more real ones....

anyways... i gotta work.


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