i had this whole thing up earlier today... but i decided to take it down cuz it was just me being angry... i have another good story today.

So i grew up in the city of Hong Kong. like most families in HK i also grew up with a domestic helper. so as you can imagine my life after highschool has been somewhat difficult... getting acquainted with washing machines, irons, groceries, mold, dust, and bills. i always thought i had a quasi-grip on the outside world of helpers and mothers. i was wrong.

our bible study group decided that it was time we had a pot-luck. no prob. i volunteered to buy fruit. myself and another friend who had a similar upbringing. we hop down to the market.. and when we got there.. we realized that neither of us have ever bought fruit before. it was so funny...in a silly kinda way. we picked some grapes, apples, oranges, and some plums. we get back, and i was determined to eat my own fruit that i picked.

i started with the orange, peeled it, and ate it. Sour. like soooo sour. i wasn't surprised that i picked such a bad orange, and everyone had a little laugh. i was a little embarrassed and so i asked if someone would help me finish my crappy sour orange. one of the older members of the group, a uni professor, said he would help. i ripped some off and handed it to him. he took it and before eating it, he burst out laughing. i was a little surprised at his reaction, because he was actually tearing .......... one word.


i'm sooooo dumb. like real dumb.


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