so no go out last night. everything went according to plan, but when we got to the lobby of the club we called the people we were gonna go out with and then they decided to ditch us and go to a crappy suit filled big fat money hole that doesn't allow jeans and low class peeps like us go in. i was a little peeved, but then realized that i saved a good amount of money and i could probably do without the scantly clad women and second hand smoke.

my bible study group was great last night, as we had a party and didn't study the bible. it was more eat and talk night... and i have to say that i love to talk with people outside of my age group. it made up in full for my supersized crap day at work. i have to say that this week, while short of anything major happening, has been good though. i haven't spent that much money, as i have none, and then its been drama free, and just on the whole... up. maybe cuz i went to bible study twice. maybe it's cuz this is first time in a while i haven't had a run-in with my ex, or maybe it's just cuz God is good. anyways... i'm sure there was a point somewhere in this if you look hard enough.


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