DVD ain't for me
so last night i had dinner with some friends. One of the dudes, an intellectual that is a school teacher and will probably go into seminary, said something on the way home that still makes me think... almost 24 hours after the fact. Anything that makes me think for longer than 10 minutes should be bottled and sold... but i think i'll share this for free.

"Everyday, you should say no to at least ONE thing that you really want, but don't need."

ha! i could easily change the word day to hour and still have issues. Willpower.. is such a weird concept. so is projectile vomiting, but willpower will be our topic today. clothes, CD, deserts, arcades, gifts, food.... man... it's hard to say no to anything these days. But practicing your self control is great thing to help a spiritual walk... or any walk for that matter.

but why was this such a hard thing last night? DVD. basically my PS2 that i stole from my brother plays DVDs... so i've been watching some old animation classics late into the night... sadly though, i don't have enough movies to quench my thirst for old Gundam and Robotech episodes. I was going to blow another small percentage of my monthly salary on new late night fits of joy..

but i said no.

HA! take THAT Satin! (i'll be buying my new DVDs tonight. i already said no to ice-ream after lunch)


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