the calling
so we mosdef need to honour the stupendous return of the Human Ameoba. Amazing. The blogiverse has a wonderful return of the son that wondered oh-so-far. We welcome him with open arms, and a gleaming smile. how was the hiatus?

In order to encourage activity on our e-lives, imma throw a bone out there and ask why is it that I have an obession – an addiction – to buying things? now I’m sure that I’m not alone out here.

I work next to a day market that is a street with crazy stalls selling trinkets and clothes and all kinds of distractions that my money seems to just fall out of my pocket. It’s hard when I know that the best deals in Hong Kong for cheap crap can be found one street away. It doesn’t help that I’m located in one of the more trendy but seriously cheaper districts of HK. When I first started my job, my paychecks would see me go home with something small every day.

But then it all adds up right? I had a look through my clothes last night and thought out loud to my housemate… man.. I have TONS of ABOSOLUTE CRAP. And I was just looking at my tshirts. There was a time when all I wanted every week was a new tshirt… at 2USD a shirt, sometimes less, sometimes more… but never over 3 bucks. I thought I was the one stealing. But now my room is full of shirts that I’ve worn like once.. only to have intimate knowledge of what cheap quality material does to my persona.

So ive grown past that. Now I’m an accessories man. Bag and hats are where it’s at. Now that it’s getting colder, there’s just more room to wear more useless crap per square inch of skin. I’ve become such a shallow person, adjusting my attitude depending if I’m wearing the baggy homey G jeans, or the softer refined look with the khakis. The choice of bag before I step out the door is becoming an ordeal--- the mirror never had so much attention before this day… it all doesn’t help that I live with 2 other guys who look great all the time..

Anyways… is anyone else in the same place? Are we all finding ourselves blowing hard earned cash on something as fickle as clothes and accessories?

I have this theory that money will always find a way to move on from it’s owner… kinda like the accursed ring in The Lord of the Rings. How ever the wielder uses the stuff makes for good starbucks chatter. For me.. right now.. it’s clothes.

I’m so lame.

Please don’t hesitate to reinforce my last statement; this is cry for negative criticism to help me see the light..


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