lack of colour
so i've been kinda frumpy recently. really... flat. it's kinda like a disticnt low after my mission trip high. work has been the same old thing... come in, work, eat, work, leave.. exciting... i know. i'm doing something different with my life.. i'm trying to slow down, spend less... have more time to me. that's why i feel frumpy, sedate, dull, and wholeheartedly bleah. sometimes my more exciting part of my day was deciding what pair of shoes to wear with my outfit... the classier black leather pair, or the tan messy but chilled out pair.

some life huh.

there are simple things in life that we always take for granted, something that i'm sure everyone has heard. i make the above statement after totally disregarding my trip to shanghai, my job, my family, my church, my friends, my blessings... dude. it's so easy to just forget how blessed we are sometimes. what a jerk i am

anyways, i've been picking up the bongo's and the jimbe recently. gonna play for worship this saturday. i'm really loving it... i dont wanna get too into it, but i totally play bongo's for God... i get into such a happy place when i'm smashing my fingers into bloody bits. but yeah.. i think i've finally found a musical instrament that satisfies my worhsip and praise hungers. for some reson, people think i'm ok enough at it to play in front of a confregation. oh well... thanks God.

in 3 more weeks i'll have my stuff for my dreadlocks. thanks again God.

frumpy. that's me.


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