the mission
God is really amazing. My mission trip was a wonderful success. we went to fight a battle with the unseen, to pray and worship over a city that has closed it's doors on Christianity. we went to further the gospel, to pray for healing, to get closer to God, to serve the poor, the broken, the down trodden... and we did all of those things and more. I wont go too much detail, for the sake of my non christian readers, but let me ask you this... ever see a lame person walk after prayer? ever have someone just want to become Christian after 10 minutes of sharing? ever get a vision or picture of a place in a city you've never been to in your life... then find 4 hours later being in that same exact place sharing the gospel with someone?

it was simply amazing.

but i'm back... at the office, at home... bleah. i haven't much to write other than i'm trying to get back to the vigour’s of being a 9-5 guy. i feel called by God to work in an office... to support myself in a normal job until God sees that i'm ready to continue on my quest to further His word and His message. but knowing that doesn't make it easy. i have a friend... a brother in christ... who is going through a 9 month Christian training/internship. this is not some silly thing where they just sing songs and go to church. they simulate being a christian in places where you are killed for declaring that you follow Jesus. where having a bible is more against the law than rape. simulate being arrested, going days with no food... i have other friends who have given up their good jobs and high tittles in the finance world to do work as a volunteers in various altruistic establishments. ever more friends who go against the grain, whom have given up a life of finding the best paycheck in exchange for the blessings of being a son of Jesus Christ; which normally means scrubbing toilets and serving any and everyone else...

and so here i am. with all my love... i place my worth and my happiness in following the Lord. i am in a circle of friends whom do not compromise and conform to what the rest of the world does. i hold my own in that, and i do what i can to bless the Lord.

One day... it will all make sense.


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