so as i surf the blogiverse there is a pointed decrease in activity. hmmm... i think it just goes to show that we are more in touch with each other than we think? that that feeling of not posting a message is not just something that only i get...

train pain
so i was taking the subway to work the other day i noticed this noise. kinda like a buzzing noise... i couldn't place it, but it was very familiar. I looked around to find this man, about 40-50, shaving. no joke, he was shaving away while sitting on a packed train. electric shaving.. no of this blade and cream deal. that would've been VERY weird. he was the kinda chinese man that would stare at you while he was doing his thing. so he glared at the people directly across from him, just shaving and staring right at them, as if they were doing something weird. i was kinda uneasy about the whole deal. made me not very proud of my ethnic heritage. he finished and was looking rather confident because of his clean face. he opened up the plastic bag on his lap, put the shaver away, then he brought out a funky smelling bread thingy... clearly a mix of tuna and sewage. he stunk up the whole compartment... the two people on opposite sides to him had enough, got up, and then looked for another seat. in one of the most densely populated cities on the planet, a seat on a train is something that people fight for... but this guy had 3 seats to himself. image a full train, from the front to the back... but then this one balding weirdo chinese dude with a island of space around him. it was funny, but revolting at the same time.

this guy chomped away, cleanly shaved and on a spacious seat. very effective tactic on having a pleasent ride during rush hour. so next time you want a seat in a packed area... give yourself a pedicure or floss... i'm sure you'll be thinking, "why didn't i do that before?"


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