Angels night
without really giving it much thought, the world celebrated a night that originated as a night to ward off spirits of the dead. Halloween.

Bleah… what that translates to in HK is a huge night were people pack the bar district… and just get wasted, and to be out and about in town wearing some stupid costume. Not my idea of fun at all walks of my life. This was the first time I’ve ever really thought about it, as I’ve always left oct 31 to everyone else… the other crazy partiers… but this year we decided instead of running away from it all, we decided to pray walk the biggest party area. This place is like about 4 to 6 different streets that’s just jammed with small bars and clubs. At one point the most famous place to hang out in asia. The place was so packed with people that there was a line that was about 6 blocks long. Just to get in. a small group of us met to pray and walk, and I was sad. It was disheartening to see so many people just out there for a good time, yet not realizing what they are doing, or what they are missing. I’m not trying to condemn, but it was hard for me to not cry out on behalf of the people who where totally wasted last night.

I don’t want to sound like some little Christian boring brat-boy… but I was genuinely sad for many of the people I saw.

Anyways… let’s move on. So basically I was feeling pretty frumpy earlier… but then after a good talk with a friend, things picked up. I’m hoping/praying to become a leader in my young adults group, I’m picking up the jimbe like it’s nobody’s business, and I’m going to china next week for a weekend holiday with my family. Niiiiiiiice. Things.. while looking frumpy… have turned around.

Strong suggestion.. if you ever feel far away from God.. fast. No joke.. deny yourself the one thing that you can’t live without, and then you’ll be crying out to God whenever you feel hunger pain, weak, short tempered, angry.. all these things will draw you closer… it’s so much fun. Anyways, I’m going to eat dimsum now with co-workers. Then a wonderful curry buffet tonight after a night of worship… what else is there in life?


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