the spirit that guides us
after our morning devotionals went met up together in the leader's room for some group worship and prayer. like every morning of our mission trip we relied solely on these times in the morning to wait and ask God for pictures, visions, scriptures, chinese characters, names, places and anything else that the Holy Spirit wanted to reveal to us.

this was the first time in my life that i ever took part in a session where we would just wait, worship, pray and record everything that our mind's eye saw. we would pray for about 15 to 30 minutes of hard core prayer in silence. at the end of this time, we would share what we all saw, then open up a map and just find the places that God wanted us to go. the first day was simply something from a story book. here's the order of FACTS

1) i get a chinese word or name very strongly. ching. the chinese word for clear, or pure. i did not know how to write it.
2) i also get a very clear picture of a pool/pond that was surrounded by stones. kinda old school
3) another team member got a strong picture of a bridge going over a stream of some sort.
4) another team member got the scripture that spoke of green pastures.

that was we shared with the team as soon as we finished the time of prayer. now get this. the order of events that happened next.

1) someone in the know wrote out the chinese character of ching.
2) the left part of the character is a radical for water, or body of water.
3) the right side of the character is split into 2 parts. the top being green... and the bottom fields.. or pastures.
4) we opened a map and find a park... called the green pasture park.
5) within an hour we are at the park and see in the middle... a body of water surrounded by stones.
6) later, we move on to the park directly adjacent to that one... and find that it had bridges going over small streams.

now only 2 of the 13 teams members we had have ever set foot in shanghai before... 1 did not have a part in any of the above, and the other member has only been to a completely different part of shanghai than the part we worked out of. if you dont believe what happened then i'm sorry.. but i lived it.. but not only that... i had some of the pictures in my head. i didn't know it was from god until we shared all together. it took 7 people to put together the pieces.. but afterwards... we knew that God was with us.

the mind at any one time shoots off so many random thoughts that it's impossible to tell if it's from God or not. it even says in the bible to test things like this with the Word of God, because it is also written in the bible that God NEVER contradicts himself if put against His word. so when we had 3 different people being used to find out the name of that park, still could have been coincidence... but then we got a scripture... only 1... that corresponded with what we saw. the bible is a big book... a HUGE book. but the probability of 4 different people seeing 4 different corresponding pictures, and then having another person get only one part of the bible that matches EXACTLY what we saw. the probability becomes very small.

that was the first morning.


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