get up and walk
just like the other mornings, we were praying for where God wanted our team to go. I was praying, and was finding it very difficult to concentrate, because my mind kept gravitating on this old woman cleaning something like a rug over a railing. i wrote it down, shared it, but decided that it was something more for myself, as oppose to being a certain picture for the whole team. jump to dinner time.

as it was our last night, and a team member's birthday, we decided that we would celebrate and find a nice place to eat. we were near a nice district, but it was a couple blocks away. we had just seen 4 people accept Christ, all in the same park that we spent most of the day in, so our spirits were very high. a successful mission trip behind us, and only a scrumptious and cheap dinner lay ahead... our outreach for the day was finished, so time to unwind. as we were walking the outskirts of the park to dinner, i saw an old lady sleeping on the sidewalk. she seemed to be a beggar, with her bowl out with some coins in it. i looked at her and i felt an uncontrollable urge to give her some money, something that i have never felt to the numerous beggars we encountered every day and night while in Shanghai. it was something that i had to do. but i was challenged to not give a coin, but to give the paper stuff. also something i've never been known to do. i knelt down and felt another feeling that i had to not just put it in her bowl, but in her hand, and to let her know that Jesus loves her.

as soon as i put the money in her hand, she began crying. it was automatic. i knelt down and asked her if she knew about God, and of the love that Jesus has for her. She wept even more. i decided that i would pray for her, so through an interpreter i asked if she had any problems. she said that both legs hurt so much that she can't really walk, and when she tries, she gets headaches and she faints. she also said she had a bad eye, and is deaf in one ear. we began to pray the normal healing prayer, which meant that was just saying words.. and not really calling on the power of God.

one of my team mates stopped the prayer and said, "I believe that God is asking us, 'Do we believe that God can heal this woman.'" the three of us looked at each other and i said yes. i then began praying... but the words were not my own. i have never seen healing with my own eyes, let alone pray for one, so i had no idea what to pray.. but as soon as i asked God to show His power, i was praying with such force and authority that i scared myself. the 3 of us were praying over this woman; it could have been 3 seconds of 3 hours, i wouldn't have known the difference. When it died down, my team mate said "Get up." in a firm and strong voice.

She looked up at us, and she got up. she was visibly scared, but then put one foot forward. she was surprised, but she walked. i didn’t know what i looked like, but could tell from the other 2 guys' faces that they were just as amazed as i. we looked back as the old woman kept walking, and kept saying in chinese, "it's so much better, it's so much better!" she kept walking. we had to scream for her to come back, she walked so far away. then on her way back, she didn’t stop and then kept walking the other way... always repeating the same thing over and over again.

this was something that was a first for me as a christian. i have believed all the healings i have heard of that i have been able to see the fruit of, but some christians have come and gone, performed 'healing' and then there has been no fruit... but this time... i prayed.. and God used me... it was amazing and a totally a faith booster. i know that i had NOTHING to do with the healing... but myself and the 2 others just said... God... we believe you can do something amazing for this woman... and He did. i will never again doubt that God has power over any and everything in this world.


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