With baptisms... A day at the beach, my other half back, scattegories, no more animals to take care of, not spending much money.... No work... Everything was just wonderful yesterday. This holiday came at the exact right time... I've needed a break more than i like to admit... Anyways... How wonderful was the word that i slept to and woke up with.

I had a short discussion with my friend mark nam, who will one day be a great worship leader... It the beginning of the night after a great long day, we were on the bus on the way back into town, and we had a good moment. What we said was that... What's going to happen to our church in years to come? Only time will tell, but i can't help but be excited. My ministry has touched hundreds of kids... And even though the majority has moved on or can not for some reason join our church... I have this feeling that they will one day return to the vine. Our church is crazy, and it's still growing. I can just picture my church years down the road.. Wow..

So today i'm going with ed to encourage him and hold his hand as he gets his first tattoo. I'm also looking for a second one... Preferably one big one on my back.. But we'll see... Today i'm checking out the parlor to see if i can get my tongue pierced. Why? This is such a weird question as i think of the why i do these things... I have clue... But whatever...

This blog is mindless rambling.. But at least i updated... Anyways... One more day off.. Ahhhhh..


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