.:|stats and stag|:.

from the World Health Org. website:
28th March: 58 new cases of SARS
29th March: 45 new cases of SARS
31st March: 60 new cases of SARS
1st April: 155 new cases of SARS

i'm not trying to incite widespread panic.. but this really sucks. the weird thing is that i'm not worried at all. naive? or just stupid. yesterday we had an increase of 155... 4 days before that, the TOTAL was only 163 cases.... under control my butt.

last night was Bob's stag night... i won't get into details but i've been stressing about it for days... i got upset the night before... and i was just in a bad mood right up until we met... but God totally blessed us with all the ideas and plans we had.. and it was great. it was a different feel than for Tom's stag.. but it was good nonetheless. he had a great time... and i think everyone else did too. anyways.. i woke up 1 hour late for work.. but everyone understood that i was helping to plan it and so i was given grace.. so nice... anyways.. i'm going home to work on my home group and just catch up on life...

god bless.


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