i believe that all should have a chance to speak. I've learned from being a minority in the states that having a voice is very important. what you say is another matter... as much as i believe in righteous anger, and there are specific right and wrong things to do... but recently, an interesting topic has sprung up...

there are people who have been circulating Christian things that try to provide a possible explanation for this SARS epidemic... the prayer i put up yesterday was an example, but it's unsound because... well.. it simply has very little biblical references... in fact. if i'm not corrected i think there are no references. anyways... i put it up because i felt that it is better to post and then discuss, rather than not have any exposure to it at all. at least know we came together and decided that this is something that we should not receive.

since he personally contacted me, i felt that the best to really feel out this prayer was to post it.. but i've had this type of discussion with various other people, and it's about discernment. it's about what is the 'right' way to react to something that we read?

everyday i get bombarded with porn, balding medicine, and debt erasers on my email account... that we all agree is just junk... but then what about christian junk? i mean, there are hundreds of Christian who inwardly feel that they have had a revelation as to why there is war, disease and economic fallout all at the same time.... but then not all of them are true... some theories i have written off as just crap... but then there are some that i really felt COULD be true...

i guess i'm just saying that we are all subject to hearing all these emails, prayers, ideas, thoughts.. but unless you sit down and hear that it's from God... be careful that you don't let something stick... don't be swayed but the word of man.. but hold dearly the word of the Lord.

dis·cern·ment ( P ) Pronunciation Key (d-sûrnmnt, -zûrn-)
1) The act or process of exhibiting keen insight and good judgment.
2) Keenness of insight and judgment.


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