Through ways i am oblivious to, a person named Bob Walburg representing a research team that identifies the spiritual connections to diseases based in Canada has contacted me through my site and email. They have been praying about the SARS and they have come up with some hardcore spiritual connections to the virus. they have contacted me and requested that I post their prayer on my site. before i do, i must to PLEASE USE DISCERNMENT when reading this. I have read most of it, but please know that i am only passing on information. please go to their website for more information concerning them and their latest findings and prayers.

Prayer March 26, 2003. <--- click here for website
Oh God, the world really needs your help. Many have become disobedient to your laws and have turned a blind eye to the true cause of most disease. Oh God, forgive them, for they do not know what they do. Father my Soul knows the SARS VIRUS is here because of man breaking three of your commandments consistently 1) Have no other Gods before thee. 2) Love God with all your heart, with all your mind and with all your Soul. 3) Love thy neighbour as thyself. Oh God, my Soul knows the SARS VIRUS is genetically made up of up to six viruses coming together as one powerful force. 1) Cytomegalo virus 2) Human Papiloma virus. 3) Retrovirus. 4) Human rhinovirus. 5) Echo Virus and 6) Herpes virus. My Soul knows the primary food source for this virus is the Amylase Enzyme, (and grains). My Soul knows that all mankind must get down on their hands and knees and pray before God and confess and repent for breaking these three laws of God (and any other laws of God). My Soul knows I must forgive all before the Lord and He will forgive me. My Soul knows that the SARS VIRUS stays dormant in the spinal fluid or the liver and can be suppressed only up to three times. My Soul knows that on the third breakout, if one has not confessed and repented, they most likely will be taken. Oh God, forgive me for breaking your commandments (say them out loud, do prayer over next 12 days) as I promise from this moment on, to honour your commandments and teach others your commandments. I will spread the word of “SARS”. Oh God, forgive us, for we truly do not know what we do.


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