.:|the days are just packed|:.
so this past week i've been in my own judgement... a good worker. after getting offered the choice of leaving because of my overall performance and general industry climate.... OR stay and tough it out with only half salary and increased workload. this week the words that he expressed to me have been on my mind and over my head. i've never seen myself as the hardest worker in the company... what's sad is that i was... the whole first year i worked here i gave my office everything i had... and then after getting too acquainted with the position i slacked. and it fell on my head to really do something about it. so self imposed extra hour of work, into the office early, no blogger, no emails, no ESPN, no epitonic, no fareast... man... with all the crap cut our of my working.. i was pretty productive. anyways, the week of disciple in over 45 minutes early.. and i'm celebrating with a blogger update. things are looking much better, since i did rather well this week, but the office situation with zero income, horrible boss, and super low moral will make an interesting couple of weeks.

god has been speaking to me, about many things.. but the main things is my future... my calling... ohhhhhhh.. special word that makes many christian flinch. this one included. i've come to realisation that this is not my life.. my job... so now it's time to let God know that i'm ready to give everything to Him... and be dead to the cross.

ahhh... the weekend comes.. and that means i'm giving back Tom and Jacinta's flat and dog... the flat was wonderful.. but the dog and i couldn't really get off to the best start. i never have enough time or attention for her, and she never really could understand where i was coming from... we had communication problems, but the snuggling could only solve some of them... the issues still were rather important... so i've decided that i'm going to leave and return up the street to my own home... the other things in my life are the two female hamsters that are also in my life... bleah.. i'm so crap with females now.. my ego has fallen through the floor.

anyways.. i'm back to a normal life... i'm about to change my template so that's why i'm going back and forth from my recent ones to my older ones... please excuse the mess here.. and in Janice's site too... i've been a little preoccupied.. but i'll be getting myself in order soon.. anyways.. take care and god bless!


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