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my boss yesterday offered me a chance to leave the company. saying that absolutely no business has our company needing everyone to give 120%, or to get the hell out. i've been giving much less recently, and it shows in my work ethic and quality of work. it's going to be a touchy time for me over the next month or 2.. i may be here, i may not. he told me in so many words that i'm now a marked man.. and i have to now work harder to earn the title of which he gave me.

i hate my boss. he called me in for a meeting... he didn't know my last name, nor the title which he gave me. he didn't know my specific responsibilities, and he just has no idea what i do, or how well i do it. there are only 12 other full time office staff... learning 12 names and titles shouldn't be that hard. my job from day one was to take a specific area of the company and run with it... i've done that so well, he has no idea where it has run to, and now he's blasting me for not 'finding new projects' to do. anyways, i should walk out on him, because a boss like him doesn't deserve to succeed at the expense of others.

i'm through cry over spilt work.. i have to work.


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