after a week of sorting out my friend's wedding... he finally ties the knot, and we send him off to some beautiful place. if i could have a wedding like that.. i would be very very happy. it was really nice to see some people from my church all dressed up and all going out for fun. i had a great time.. but then the weekend came after one of the worst friday's of my working life to date.

i'll cut out the smaller things.. but basically due to this whole SARS thing, schools in HK have stopped for 2 weeks, and then there's a break for Easter... that meant that we have had our income for one whole month cut... to nothing. our boss then promptly asked some staff to take unpaid leave... or in other words.. he fires them for a month... then he asked vital staff to stay on, but for only half wages... and so.... just like that i have to work this month for only half pay. and then... i have to consider that i may not have a company to return to at the end of this half month... thus is the severity of this virus that has destroyed so much.

i'm a little scared.. but i'm not at the same time... the Lord gave me this job for over 2 years... who am i to just hold on to it if it's not His will?

to make this month little more interesting i am baby sitting a crazy dog, and to smaller crazier hamsters. life is so... just call me Dr. Doolittle.


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