:so now what:

these days have been very interesting. certain things have been keeping my eye and mind occupied while my body continues to pick up fat from the new year break. things that make me go hmmm:

newest drug: 24 (the tv show)
greatest challenge: bible in a year
newest addiction: dim sum beef balls
desire of the moment: word of god
most recent defeated stumbling block: playstation 2
next one on list: yahoo fantasy NBA game
next challange: read a new book
the real challenge: finishing that same book
most coveted item: tom's P900 sony ericson phone/PDA/digcam/sexy toy
good habit: praying in tongues
bad habit: eating absolute crap
renewed good habit: this blogspot
renewed bad habit: laziness
wish i was: playing ball
wish i wasn't: so easily worried
just finished: speaking at SNA
coming up: speaking at 180
not coming up: speaking at church
big future plans: mission trip to Cebu, April
bigger future plans: Hillsong Conference, July

ok.. that's enough for now... more later.. like the new pic? and i fixed my links and my tag board... hope everythang is everythang....


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