:youth alive:

so tomorrow is the big day. there's a huge youth rally/outreach in the middle of Kowloon Park... huge budget, many many different people and churches coming together together... big lights, bands, dance teams, testimonies... a big 25 tv screen wall... multi media, theme songs and recordings.. all coming together for this big event..

and guess what? i'm MCing... i'm only the english side of things... which is DEFINIETLY the more of the not needed part.. but i'm just doing what i can to serve Him.

the real juicy story is... up untill yesterday.. i didn't want to have any part in this whole thing... i did not really want to help at all throughout the whole process... in fact.. i turned down the chance to mc right from start... let's just say i had really bad attitude.. and now.. i'm doing it.. funny how God works.... real funny.

so.. i've never done this big of a thing... so please please pray for me.. pray for the weather (supposed to rain), pray for kids to come and be forever changed, pray for all the different parties involved...and pray that i look ok as an MC... as part of my role... i have to email them what i look like.. it's pretty funny... but this is what i look like... (and i had to spend 20 minutes explaining what i'm wearing to the organisers.. in the end.. we agreed that i would send a picture...

more on Youth Alive later.. i must rest up for church tomorrow.


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