"i'm Muslim, but i drink."
"I'm christian, and i love to cast out demons"

ofcourse... i didnt' say that to his face... but i thought it. there's so much talked about the Crazy Muslims... the ones that want to kill christians.. the ones that are terrorists.. but this guy.. the boyfriend of janice's ex-supervisor.. was a chilled, laid back australian (or New Zealander)...

but... he said he was Muslim.. and it automatically made me flinch.

ofcourse... there are many things spoken about Christians too... the kind that "Hear's the Voice of God" and do weird things... the ones that fall over beceause of being "Touched by the Holy Spirit"... the ones that laugh uncontrollably... the ones that ask God what He thinks before they do anything... the ones that dress with sandals and socks with tight small khaki shorts and carry a bible everywhere they go.

aside from the clothes part... that was me.

so here i was, christian, breaking bread with a nominal Muslim... one that ate pork, and drank... and was... in a word... cool.

it was a weird feeling, because part of me wanted to tell him... hey man... can't my peoples and your peoples just be friends? i wanted to say, i work for a church that believes that Jesus is alive is the son of God and he lives in my Heart... what is YOUR day job?

but i didn't. i returned to my scrumptious Thai food.. and went about the remainder of dinner. a full 12 hours later... i'm still wondering if i made the right decision to not ask him about his faith? oh well.. the would of, could of train of thought that never leaves the station...

oh.. the real converstation?

"How come you can't eat pork?"
"Oh, I"m Musilm, but i drink so...."
"Oh Ok."


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