so it's been 3 days out here... and i've basically not stopped eating. Chinese New Year is worse than Christmas... in terms of amount of food ingested. Lord has blessed me greatly these past days... more so than i've ever imagined.. but that's what's so cool about God... sometimes He jus wants to shower you with love, gifts and just feelgood stuff.

anyways, let's talk about something shall we?

let's talk indulgence. since i've been here.. doing nothing except eat, receive money, eat and watch all sorts of TV... i feel... weird. and bad. well... you see, in the working world, people are meant to work for every second they have off.. you earn your right for a holiday. i understand that theory, i worked the same job for 3 years, and now i have a PT job to pay for anything else that i need that's not already covered by God. but.. for 3 days straight, and for one more night i've enjoyed a life that feels wrong... like borrowed from my parents retired lifestyle. i mean, we've been have 5 course meals every day, hot tea and coffee round the clock... and just a great time... but then when i stop to think about it too much, i sometimes feel almost bad for being able to enjoy it all.

i don’t have to think too long to see how blessed i am. take any of my dance class students.. i mean... they are convicts for crying out loud... i'm sure that CNY in prison is different from CNY in my parents home. what am i getting at here?

well.. I... no... WE are a blessed people. to have a family that loves us, to have a roof over us.. to be able to watch that DVD or enjoy that Triple O's burger.... to try and play tennis with Dan and his father... all these things that i have enjoyed over the last 2 days is such a wonderful blessing that i'm doing whatever i can to NOT take it for granted. so while i have a spare moment away from all the family and food downstairs.. i just wanted to share a little bit with anyone who reads this..

may you have a Great New Year... may His blessings rain down as they so have already.. may you all be prosperous, and just live it up this year... the monkey year stands strong.. and if we really ask the Lord to guide us... MAN.. what a year it's going to be.

To His Name be All the Glory Forever and Forever -Amen


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