i just read a very sad and disturbing blog.

as i do more often than not, i follow people's links of blogs until i end up in some highschool goth nightmare cuz her lesbian lover turned homicidal. then... just like that, i close the window, and i'm back in Hong Kong. but what is crazy is i found this one blog where something interesting happened.

this dude had a blog. he HAD a blog. the full story here. he vented and raged, but it was for fun. he even got the permission to make fun of his co-wokers. it got to the point where he would talk to that person and they would write it together. soon, it escalated to the point that very derogatory terms and sometimes controversial things were put up on the site. his reader's soon became outraged and demanded that he discontinue. he didn't listen. then, one of his reader's sent his link to his boss. to make a long story short, this dude gets fired.. with no severance.. no explanation.. but the brass said we dont tolerate negativity.

so i guess for everyone.... dont think that your blog is your own world.


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