ok so this past weekend i met someone who is from Hell, MI. Now i've heard of some weird places in the Midwest.... but Hell? this guy was an awsome guy.... spoke with a midwestern twang... you know.. the kind that all people from anywhere from outside the states and from NYC think is weird... he had a full beard, and wore a horrible suit. he was extreamly nice, and he explained it exactly like this, "Yes sir. H-E-double hockey sticks.. that's right, i'm from hell..." Sure you are... "nice to meet you."

can my Ann Arbor peeps clarify that Hell exists... and is in Michigan? is this news to anyone else but me? who would name any city Hell? Even the first people to set foot on america would have some sort of the Christian background... most first explorers ARE christian missionaries... so i still dont get it? was it a joke? did a bunch of jokers settle in the town of Hell...? imagine.........

"... but we still don't have a name yet......"
"hey guys, let's call our village Hell!"
"why Billy, that's a great name! but what is it?"
"oh its the place of eternal punishment for the wicked after death, and is presided over by Satan..."
"Oh well in that case, that's our village, yesiree! Hell it is!"
"yippee! Hurrah! Hey mah, we got a name for our village!"

errrrmmm.... i could be exagerating. i HOPE i'm exagerating. you never know though...

and it's spelt H-E-double hockey sticks.


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