so yesterday i went and saw a breakdancing competition. i know anyone who knows hong kong dancers would be like whatever... but these guys were good. i'm talking dope, mouth dropping, fist pumping, phat smile over muh grill-- dope. i was pretty impressed with the skill level, and the overall looks of the team i saw. it was a different feel than my familiar funktion boys, cuz no one could beat that, but they mosdef had a style that compares. the only dif? the guys are a breaking team, i'm a hip hop dancer. it goes hand in hand, right?

hell no jigga.

i realized yesterday that i'll never be a breaker, cuz i dont wanna break. i'm a hop hop dancer, i love to light it up with dope moves on a stage with people watching... not get into the middle of a circle and spin on my head. the only thing that these guys lacked was game faces, and style. i dunno, some had it, but some just didn't. in funktion, you never had to teach style, cuz we just had it. i'm not trying to say we were the best, it's just a fact, peeps here have a problem showing what they really feel on the inside if they had to only use their moves.

so tomorrow i'm going to step head first into the underground hip hop dancers of hong kong. maybe they'll spit me out and i'll be a big fat nothing. or maybe, just maybe, i'll go in with a bang, light up the scene.... but whatever happens, i gotsta know if i was made for the scene here... cuz knowing is half the battle.

GOoooooooooooooooooooooooooo Joe!


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