West Region Round 1 - Woody Wood Pecker VS The Care Bears

Woody was sitting on a bench, relaxed, smoking his camel reds, and filing his beak. years of critics saying he couldn't hold his own now came down to this match... against some stupid bears. since being off the air for a long time, years of pain and training changed him to the bird he was now. all he had to do now was to prove it.

the bears were doing their pre-match warm up a-la-lakers style. the whole gang bouncing up and down and screaming "break you freak'in neck, yo!" after the 2 movies they knew their careers were going down the drain, and this tourney was gonna put them back on top. When the jumping reached a freenzied pitch, they all remembered what they said in the locker room... "there is no more tomorrow for Care-a-Lot"

soon after, they were on the field. the wind blew, and the tension was felt by all. everyone present knew that this wasn't no saturday morning. this was redemption time.

the bell rang.

before the chime stoped, Woody moved surprisingly fast, and striked first by pecking the brains out of the leader, Brave Heart lion. the other bears screamed "care bear stare!", but Woody dodged the blast and laughed the trademark laugh while he dispatched the green bear, Good Luck bear. "not so lucky now eh buddy?" Woody figured that with the leader out, and with no more luck on their side, the bears had no chance. seeing the gore, Cheer bear couldn't take it, doubled over and loudly emptied her stomache of all it's contents. Woody peered up, and then knew who has next. in one motion he kicked Cheer in the face, and she cumpled to the ground. more feeling the strike than seeing it, Birthday bear and Surprise bear ran for cover. Friend bear was already reving the cloudmobile in case they needed to get away quick, with Bedtime Bear snoring slightly in the back seat. Love-a-Lot Bear and Hugs Bear were a quivering, sobbing mass on the floor, reacting out of instinct towards the alien but overpowering unhappiness that was emenating from their friends. the care bears were in a panic.

in a blink of an eye, Woody seemed to be cleaning house.

Champ bear, Lotsa Heart Elephant, and Grumpy bear all give eachother a look and knew it was time to whoop some ass. Champ bear came in with a nice roundhouse, but Woody was waiting with a block and a quick takedown. with Woody straddling Champ, he cocked his head back, and prepared to skewer Champ through his right eye, but at the last moment Grumpy tackled Woody and took him down like he was the third-string rookie QB. they tangled, but Woody threw Grumpy off in a matter of seconds. Lotsa heart was ready and threw a one-two punch combo. woody rolled with the first jab, dodged the uppercut, and countered with a viscious right. on contact, Woody knew that he broke the bears trunk in three different places. Lotsa Heart's world went black, but before he hit the ground Champ jumped over him and with one monster punch, he hit Woody across the eyes. with sweat pouring off his fur, and blood flowing out of his nose, Champ landed hard on his left side, having spent all of his energy. Woody fell to the ground, momemtarily stunned and blinded. seeing his chance, Grumpy stood over Woody with a crazy smile and with grim resolve screamed, "Who's laughing now, bitch!"

a flash of mulitcolored stars and a raincloud was the last thing Woody ever saw.


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