now that monday has blended into thursday already, i think that a blog is in high order.

since i was going along the lines of things that i always wanted to do when i was young... well... here's another. last night i was chilliing in my friends place. to make this blog all warm and fuzzy, it was my best friend's place, with whome i'm been friends with since we were 11. i love telling everyone that. ready? *awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww* it must be said that it was not his parrents place, but his and his wife's place(they are our age). VERY nicely decked out with some dope interior. and they have the new imac.... it's so sexy. anyways, we ate dinner along with another high school friend and we had this one moment during the evening where the four of us were on the second bottle of wine, yaping of times past, just enjoying the fact that we weren't in a bar or had to be somewhere doing something. i wasn't in the conversation cuz i was too busy thinking that this was the kinda life i wanted to be living. alrighty... i didn't stop to take pictures but here's how it went down. the mood was straight chills, the apartment was colour coordinated in a sweet way (none of that student crap), with candles around the apartment flickering, the nice comfy sofa, some lounge type beats on low, pasta with the vine de la rouge... if dido could be a living room, we were sitting in her.

and i distinctly remembered that i thought, "Man, i HAVE to blog about this."

why am i sharing this? cuz there's more to life than college, your job, how much money you got... sometimes, it's simple stuff like a good dinner that reminds you of your sanity.

if we still have that picture of the path with roses, i'm now lying somewhere off the path with a stalk of grass hanging out of my mouth, hands behind my head, staring up at the sky picking out whatever my imagination can amongst the clouds, all while humming the tune to "the sound of music."

hmm hmmmmmmm hm hmm hmmmmmm hmm hmm hhmmmmm hmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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