so i'm in the office and not one person in my actual area is in, nor my whole floor. there are about 6 in the whole office... it's SOOOOOO nice. i got comments... so speak.

there's something about dance that i can't just say in words. with so much that happened with dance mix, gen apa, and then my own stuff... ti's crazy. i remember when people in college said that yuo only do this in college. it's a passing phase... like smoking... you'll do it and love it now... but later on yuo'll let it go.


my boys just blew up the ann arbor campus... i'm gonna start teaching dance... people paying our teams to dance.... who said it's only a college thang!!!! to all my 2Xs peeps, my lambdas, and MY FUNKTION DAWGS!!!!! keep dancing, keep stepping, make the moves... keep it going forever... but keep it real. don't mess with politics and what nots... just get out there, put on a show and shake that booooooooooty.

can I PLEASE get a video?!??!?! don't make me go there and get it myself....


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