ok so there's something about sunday blending slowly into monday... which after a while the body begins to realize that it's not just monday... but the beginning of the week. then when i think about this week of work and blah blah blah blah.... then my stomache just turns... and eugbleaaaah!!! i mentally puke. gross.

have you ever done something you've always wanted to do or pictured yourself doing when you where young? i did.. and it was last night. i was sitting in my room after i just cleaned it, i was doing my accounts and reading the bible, while listening to some funky jazz, into the wee hours of the night.

now i know that you're thinking why is that so special? well... i've always wanted to be like that. i had my desk sprawled with bible notes, and receipts and little notes of what money i spent during the last month. then i had my feet up, the room was a little cool from the air con, the jazz was playing weird tricks on my mind... and it was in that one second, that i knew i was in a place i always wished i would be when i growing up. now... i never aspired to be rich when i was young... maybe it had more to do with that place being of no relation to my parents.. maybe it was cuz i living my own life.. and not my parents life... maybe it was cuz i was no worry free because of my relationship with God... maybe it had to do with me living off my own living and not my father's for once. it was a lot of things.. but it all came to the surface at that moment.

so i urge whomever reads this to take a look around and snort those roses. it may seem like there aren't many roses around... but look harder and you'll find them. what i'm saying is be thankful where you are... i know people who make 3 times what i do... but i dont care.. cuz i'm smelling my own roses, not that persons' roses. the imagery in this blog is just stunning.

to bring this totally to a new non-related subject... Korean people are just weird.... very very very weird. and very gross... but i did laugh.. check this.


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