this is the beginning of a series... the "who am i" series. as much as i love my online persona, i wish to dive deep into my self. hmph. not that anyone asked, or anyone cares, but this is my site that is strictly for me things.

who am i?

has anyone asked this question before? please don't read this as a matrix "unplug me from the fake world" crap. this is an honest gauge of the reflection that i live with.

what am i?

before taking a step, do you consider where you are stepping? do you consider that it is another step, or is each step a conscious thought. every journey begins with a huge step... yet compared to every other step... is it really any less or any more significant.

why am i?

why is it that i know i like doing things, yet i don't do them. i'm not talking about harmful destructive things... but i'm talking things like people watching.... erm... swimming, playing the drum, basketball, cartoons, shopping... funny, that i do things now based on circumstance rather than IF i want to or not.

who am i?

there was once a man, while eyes fixed on Jesus walking on water, emulated him and also began walking on water. with reckless abandon he got out of the boat, and began taking steps on top of the water. in a moment he noticed the raging waves and strong wind, and then began to take them into consideration. with his focus off of God, he immediately fell. my only question is if God wasn't there also walking, would he have even got out of the boat?



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