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:boy meets world:

my eyes have been opened up. wide. in the last week. a whole world awaits me.. yet do i fear for my life, or do i step out in victory? when i know, you will know.

it's only when you think you know it all, or you've got this whole 'life' thingy all down. it's at that point when God says... oh boy.. there is SO much more. it's like introducing the newest sony clie to a cave man. sure, it looked cool, but what the hell is going on?

i'm just a boy, meeting the whole wide world. i'm just about to shake hands with my future, buy it drink, and get aquainted with it. oh he's always been there, waiting for me to make my way to him... but i was too busy mingling with that 'job' character. after too many rounds of 'comfort' and 'pride'... it's time i owned up.

does ANYONE know what i'm talking about.

or should i just say world meet little boy?

in a completely separate and random change of literal direction... i bumped into these 3 african dudes playing the djembe and other drums to juice up this bar.. you know.. cheap promotion. i went up and asked them when they circle, and they said sunday 5-7. i'm there. they can teach, sell drums, and hang... i was so happy. i need to brush up on my drummer skills.. but i'm humble.. enough to go and expect to be the worst. ahh... a new part of my home town which i always knew existed but never got the kohunas to approach. a new me? nah...

friday is god's gift to a long thursday. boytime tomorrow night and hopefully i'll get to go to a pizza shop grand opening.

and here's a cliff hanger... doctors are a different breed of people. nuff said.


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