so in the train station i walk through there are 2 sides. one to get in, and on the other side, is the way to get out. i would say that it's somewhat of a walk if you want to get out in an exit that's on the entrance side.

are you with me?

for those who have no mind, they have provided one turnstill that can go either way on both sides. so on the side that's only an entrance to the station, there's one turnstill that allows people out of the station... while on the other side there about 30 to let people out. every morning i have to repent for judging the stupid people who line up just to get out this one turnstill... while about 10 steps away there is a whole line of turnstill not being used.

now... i have thought the rationality of being closer to a desired exit, which would be the only reason i would use that exit. however what made me so angry this morning was the line was seriously 20 people long. it curled sideways and was getting in the way of the escalator traffic. then someone had a faulty ticket, and the whole line just stood there waiting for this woman to try and get her ticket out of her bag. the whole line stood there. turn and walk 10 steps, and you would be out of the station... yet because they were already in line, they couldn't move.

it's a mentality like this that infuriates me. why? i have not got one single clue. I attribute my judging of the local chinese people here to cultural differences... but this kind of thing defies common sense. i mean... if there were a sign that said, " jump off a cliff, first 100 people FREE!" in hong kong there would be 200 people lined up before 9am.

deep breath. exhale.

nescient means the absence of knowledge or awareness. or in my case every single morning, nescience is what i eat for breakfast.

weekend is here in 3 hours. but i wouldn't say i was clock watching.... just aware of my surroundings.


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