so thus ends our first ever crazy ALpha course. it was simply awesome leading a small group... althouhg i use the word lead loosly. i felt that i learnt more about myself rather than 'lead' a small group. it more about getting people to talk, meeting people where they are at.. and just being ridiculous. i loved how our group came together and i was so sad that it ended. the common theme was that this must end for something else to begin. but... this alpha has seen salvation, people return to God, get deeper with Jesus, learn more about God, each other, Christianity, Christians... seeds were planted... others watered.. others got pruning... man... all for on average 80 people a week. i'm just simply excited to see what happens next.

"Hong kong is my home" - Mark Nam

work has been good and bad. it's getting better because i'm just a worker ant... i dont question reason, or motive when it comes to my assignments... i just do. i'm out on the dot 5pm... and i'm happy about it. if my boss don't like it... he can fire me. it's not a bad attitude... it's fact. i'm giving him what i have left for him... and if he doesn't like what i'm doing than it's not for lack of effort, but more the fact that he's searching for an impossibly high quality work in an impossibly short amount of time. i don't work for him.. i work for jesus... some days i slack.. and some i work an insane amount.. but again.. not for Adam Giles.. for Jesus.

i caught up with a good friend for lunch. it's the first time in months that i've had a lunch with an old friend. gone are the days where i can take a lunch for any time for as long as i like. but this time i made a special arrangement so i could yap over a big mac meal, 6 wings, and ice-cream. sometimes i'm glad i don't have any answers to give people when they come up with good questions... cuz then i would have to keep answering questions all of the time. i'm so blessed that people even consider to ask me questions about the same God that created the universe. i know so little about God... yet some people still ask. it's a wonderfully humbling experience. i can't fake it anymore in front of Jesus... so i've become custom to the answer...

"well gee... i don't really know."

time to get into my new book.




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