:the power of the mind:

so without warning my yester day of eating chocolates and other monstrosities was trying to come out of my body... so off to the little boys room i go... only to find that the door was locked with a notice saying that all was not good, go look elsewhere. fine. from my office on the 9th floor i went up the stairs to the 10th. locked. i continue to the 11th. locked. 12th. locked. 13th. locked with a notice saying something along the lines of, "We are sampling new and inovative ways to prove our stupidity and lack of common sense. please enjoy our new services..." (i can't read chinese, but it COULD have said this) i walked back down to the 8th. locked. i was reaching critical mass when i went back to the 9th main office, got the key for the 5th floor bathroom, then trecked down the stairs to the bathroom... to find it unlocked and clean and nice smelling. typical. i go through half the building to find a crapper and the one floor i get a key to, it's open. ofcourse, all this meant nothing as my mind was battling with my body, and thankfully my mind won.

i noticed, while taking care of business, that the birds were singing. it was very soothing, among other things. it reminded me of a time long ago where birds used to wake me up at sunrise. back then i never handled a shotgun but the thought did suffice. anyways, the point of the story was that i was soothed, not brought to insanity by the birds. more matured? or just a different circumstance. i don't know either.

and is anyone else tempted by this offer?


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