when it rains it pours. it's been raining for 2 straight weeks.... it's been absolutely crazy. and wet. i don't mind the rain... i miss my old room where i could hear the heavy drops on the top of my aircon. it remind me of a squandered youth, oh so many years ago.

i noticed that i'm slightly sad when it rains. but let's leave the weather side of the word behind.

i feel that i'm living the term, "shower down blessings". i have taken a somewhat evaluative look at my current life and i feel just so blessed. i have a wonderful family who have seen me through the dark years that no family should have to go through. friends who have seen me try my luck at the world, get broken, then turn to God... a spectacular church, and beautiful girlfriend... some money in the bank, a roof... man.. it just goes on. when it has rained in my life, it has poured. although somedays it's been sweet honey or burning acid, it's never been a drizzle.

that's why i fear. well... fear is a harsh word that is a bit of exageration of my true feeling... but i ponder what if God decided that today a dry patch must begin to further my walk, relationship, or ministry. i have without flinching decided that whatever or whenver that case arises, i will welcome it, with a smile and small fries. i am god's child now. invicible in my humility, upright due to the lord, and never alone by the spirit. i will choose death before i choose apathy.

maybe that's why it doesn't drizzle in my life. because when i feel drops, i cry out for the full release of the heavens... and i welcome the good and bad... because if it's all from God... then what is there to worry.

in 10 days, Mr. Jason Yougn returns. the long lost friend comes home. in 18 days i will be on a plane to Manila with Janice, then Sydney with the others. it is raining down in my life... no... it's a showering down from Heaven.... amen


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