:kiss my butt:

one of my friends from high school opened up a gallery that had his paintings on sale. amazing stuff.. not just the pieces of art.. but amazing that i had a friend that was selling high art at crazy prices... i was chill'in last night with Tom, Jacinta, Janice, and Ann... all but 1 an ex islander... sipping on wine and cheese.

i spent some good time eating dinner with my fams. it was great food... cliff and amy's b-day...

today was crazy... i did so much at work.. i think i made up for the whole week that i did less than average work.

SO WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN???????? aiyah... this book that i'm reading.. it's making me see that all this stuff... is just the now. is just my comfort zone.. it's bringing up the question... what if you were to really ask yourself what is it that you are NOT stepping out and going after? what is it? then it's asking me WHY am I not using every once of my strength to get it? this book is undoing years my current job slowly building up those foundations of security and comfort. ......

and so the question arises again.. what does it all mean?? today i worked harder than every single person in the office. but at the end of this day... i still just have this over whelming statement that burns to my very soul:

kiss my butt.


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