ok, so my weekend was pretty good, it went basically according to my plan.

i didn't mention that on sunday i started choir practice. we sing praise songs, not hyms, and mostly new songs and songs that our worship leaders write. it is so much fun, as i was never known to sing. but i guess i did well, cuz they didn't kick me out. sooner or later i'm going to learn how to sing parts. but until then, i'll learn to crawl before i run, right?

so today is a vent about how 1) certain things about HK really really suck, and 2) guys are such dicks sometimes.

1) being in HK, there are different standards and different attitudes than.. well.. lets say a college campus. for example, things are not.. well.. as well received out here. dancing for one, is not seen as the 'best' thing to do, or 'coolest'. so what, i dance. i don't dance the really cool stuff like breakdancing, as that is the only 'cool' form of dancing that's really accepted here, but i do dance. i'm not good, just enthusiastic. but it seems like an uphill battle for me. british people don't dance. they drink and make fun of each other. so that's why i dont have much of a backing. it was easy in the states, as all my friends were open enough to enjoy a good show.. but people here make me sad when they almost laugh at me wanting to dance.

2) all of the above adds to my second point. sometimes guys are pretty dumb. the whole thing about group think. i thought i had enough of that in Lambdas. who would've thought that i would encounter the same mentallity in my christian. now it's no where as bad as back then, but still it irritates me that of my group of guy friends here i'm one of the few that opts to be different. being radical for Jesus and for the Christianity is something that we should all strive for. i for one, could always improve. but in my group of friends, i feel that their vision is so narrow. but they have a diffitcult vision within their comfort zone,. therefore they accept it as a valid vision. trying to have more people come to the fellowship that you is not a vision for me... it seems more like something to be part of, not for me to spearhead. God is starting to instill a vision of dance in my heart. not just to make the 5 member dance team of my own church better, but to see a multiplication of dancers for Christ in Hong Kong. to bridge a gap of language through dance in Hong Kong where a barrier of two worlds of christianity is seldom attended to. to further hip-hop in to the hearts of the young, but changing it from what they know of it now to be something that can be holy. THIS is a vision. that may even be my vision... whoa... pretty crazy.

anyways, that's more than enough rambling on.... i have so much more to write, but i think i'll talk to God about it.

dance tomorrow.. i'm already excited.

next week in Chinese New Year... i can't wait for my holiday.


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