so i'm in the office and i decided that i do too many blogs that talk about myself.

today is the day before the Chinese New Year. It's custom to get certain plants that will grant prosperity and all that if they bloom on New Years day. now, almost eveyone in Hong Kong believes this, so almost everyone floods to the flower markets to buy these, and other equally prosperous flowers.

Did i mention i worked above a flower market?

hong kong markets of any kind are crazy and packed all times of the day and year. the day before the new year has hordes of people in a mad dash to get everything last minute... it's a crazy circus.. all trying to buy flowers that will grant them money. the streets are packed.. i hate it.

in a related but much sader story... i live in a farming area. there are a group of people that tried to grow these plants to sell. however, they started too late, or the weather sucked or something... but these families have 2 plots full of plants that wont get sold cuz they wont bloom until next week. so... since they are no good if they bloom after tomorrow.... those families just lots tons of money. my heart went to them... stuff like this sucks.. these people are poor enough. but we never think about them right? out of sight out of mind. yeah... right...

oh well.. that's my blog....

oh wait.. today sucked cuz i got no work done....

Janice comes back in 4 weeks.


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