so today i had a good productive morning. still looking for tickets to get to the states.. but it's looking really too expensive. i still have about one more week maybe before i'm not allowed to go anymore.

so why do i blog? i dont know. i looked through a handful of people whom i do not know, and all of them have this thing.... an underlying question as to why do we blog? it's pretty weird, cuz blogging is totally like a new toy. you play with it, till you think ti's not fun anymore... then you leave it. there are lots of dead blogs out there, and it's kinda weird. kinda like why eric stopped blogging. blogging is a reflection of self, cuz it's your own diary. at the same time, there's as much honesty as you want people to see... so it's not real. but then.. what is?

i blog because i want anyone who reads my blog to have some sort of insite into my life. that's it. i don't blog to save the world, nor do i want to portray a person that i'm not. more often than not, i write what i'm feeling that very moment. alot of the time i blog nonsense... but not surprisingly... i have an abudance of that stuff...

i am going to eat and then dance. life is good. God is great. blogging is cool. what more do i need??


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