so for like the last week i've been trying to come up with a world changing blog.. something that would make people think, then cry. or cry, then think. i came to the simple realization that you can't force a great blog.... you can only write from heart.... *puke*

i've been in my new place since frieday night, so that's another reason for my absence. it's really really weird living with another family. although i've known this one for over 10 years.... it's still weird to actually be living under the same roof. my parrents live only 2 hours away, yet it still SEEMS like another planet to me. i like it, yet i'm still in the transitional persiod.

at dance last night i noticed that i'm getting more flexible. i also noticed that there are some girls whom are very flexible. the kind where they actually sit in positions i can't strecth into. and when they do stretch, its the kinda stretches you cringe looking at. like the one where you sit down, and have the soles of your feet touch each other and pull them closer to your body? well the people who can't do it can'pt really get their knees to the ground.... this girl put her knees on the ground, AND her forehead. she simply said to me, this doesn't really stretch me.. she also can lie with her pelvis on the ground, and have her soles of her feet touch the top of her head... but hehind her back.... it's really funky.

last weekend i choreographed my first segment. over a minute, but that minute took like 2 weeks to do. I bascially took some funktion moves, janet jackson, and my own person flava. i was really really happy with the moves, exp. after people encouraged me after i tought the steps. it's great seeing people do your moves.. i've never had that feeling. anyways, i'm in for a big performance on the 30th of march. before that i have other gigs on the 8th, 9th, 16th, and huge 20 minute dance blowout on the 30th of april.

let me expand on that. Jacinta is opening a dance studio, which will be one of the biggest studios in the whole area. i'm one of the partner/leader type people, while also doubling as an instructor/teacher. jacinta and i have made some contacts over this last year, and now her studio is set to open june-ish. so to promote her studio, we've put together all the dances that i've done withthat team over the last year, cut it up into something more a la GenAPA, then added some crazy dope smack. we are going to partner with the breaking crew/studio. they are Hong Kong biggest, some they have like 9 minute part where they basically kill everyone. then to add to the extravaganza, we have the guiness world record holder for back flips in a row.... somethign crazy like a 1000.. but anyway, he's gonna have a 4 minute stint on stage. so you add that with our team... you get a dancing craze-fest. we have a big gig set up... but nothing like genAPA.... but i'm aiming to dance on a stage at one of the bigger malls.

so the last crazy thing on my mind is that my girl friend who has been gone for almost 6 month is comming back in 8 days. yesterday was the first time i heard her voice in 3 months.... what's crazy is that she's comming back.. i'm scared.. it's kinda like we have to start all over again.... i'm having this tingly feeling for when we have lunch the first time in over half a year.... i'm thinking it's our first date again... God is so totally making this feeling so that He gives us back the 6 months that we took apart from each other. i can't wait.

anyways, there's more... there's always more. but for today... that's enough.


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