so i added some stuff to my site. it's looking pretty different from when i startec. i'm really happy. check it out.

i'm getting there. so i added my forum option and a poll. the poll is most important cuz i really want to know if anyone who's reading this is tired of this design. plus it was a brain fart. i love those things.

Chinese new year was greaat. all my efforts to loose any weight at all was forgotten and i ate myself back to my old self. i'm in the middle of making up steps to a dance for my church team. i was a little scared cuz i haven't choreographed before. so over the holiday i bought n'sync and janet jackson. seeing the velvet rope tour makes me want to be a dancer so bad. they are amazing. simply amazing. it's going well, got over half done. it's getting there.

been working out my stomache. results? next question please.

moving out in less than a week. my landlords don't have a bed for me yet. i'm itching to move out. ever notice the name of the people you rent from? land-lords? sounds rather medieval to me? tenant - ok. realtor - sure. land-overlord? OTT. that was the name of my dude back in college. he was the land-dictator if there was such a thing.... ah the memories.

oh yeah.... Funktion and Dance 2xs are the SHIznitzz!! i'm so proud.. and i ain't even on that part of the world. hehe.. i was once part of them.. *sniff* *sniff* check it!


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