so i didn't blog yesterday cuz i had a really crap day at the office. i spent the whole day working on something, and basically right at the end of the day my file becomes currupt, as well as my backups. how it happened, our tech guy had no clue.... but basically, of my pretty tight schedule i lost a whole day, so bug thumbs down to stupid computers. i spent today repeating all that i did yesterday. so in effect i loose 2 days.

i danced last night. i've come to another conclusion... some dancers are insane. we spent about 20 minutes doing 13 different stomache drills. it was intense and my abs were in happy pain today. the mentality is simple, your abs help with every major movement in any form of dance. make it stronger, and you can do more stuff. couple that with some serious stretching, and you get some long term dance development. but alotta short term ouch. we didn't actually spend as much time on dancing as i liked.... but that's their style.. but i wasn't paying them money so i could do some silly crunches... oh well.

i'm still praying about going to Umich for Dance Mix... it's a pretty heft sum of over 1000 bones for me to go. that's not including Miami. plus time off work. and time away from my girlfriend, who returns from a 6 month mission trip only 2 weeks before i would leave. there are many factors for and against, like wallet bulkiness and common sense, but if it's God's will then i will go. Lord knows that thinking about dancing with old umich peeps makes me loose sleep at night with anticipation... but if i can't go.. then i can't go.. besides, flying from HK to the states to dance is pretty insane in itself. but i would be sharing at what ever churches/fellowships that will allow me to speak. again it would be a chance to share the works of God in my life to people who are going through the same thing........ that would be the most important reason for going.. the dance would be a total gift/blessing from God.

ok, gotta go home.. i spent 11 hours straight in this stink'in office.. it's time to head out.


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