so life goes on.

i'm sitting in a cafe after a great day of church, chill'in with my frind since i was 11 , and his newly-wed wife... whom is also a crazed dancer. these are times that mold our happy memories. days where doing nothing goes a long way. days where you don't have to be at a club, at a party, or SOMEWHERE to be having a greast time. laughs about silly nothings make great time wasters.

i'm moving out of my house in 7-14 days. i'm stoked. i'm looking for some design ideas for my room... i'll hopefully take some pictures. might start my own website soon. but alas... it's all in the making.

the days... as always... have been passing by so fast... i've been in HK for over a year.. and it seemed like a month. can't wait for the next year.. excitement is everywhere i go.

dance, job, new people, girlfriend, new home..... this year is gonna be sweet.

oh and KUNG HEI FAT CHOI to all you people... again. that means happy new year in chinese.. since it is the new year and all...

gotta go.. coffee lounge rules says you 15 minutes of blog-bliss, then you must give it up. we all know moderation is key. i'll get my next fix later. in the meantime, chill'out jazz and a good latte is the best medicine.



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