first and foremost, THANK YOU ANNA AND CHRISSY!!! you guys are stars.

but chrissy here has accused me of saying something that i did not. but that's not the issue, the issue is, do we blog because we are self centered? do we only ramble on about our days, or just use bloging as a way to vent? oh please. i blog because i want to. i honestly don't care if the people reading don't like it, cuz then they can just stop reading it. but please stay... please?

ok, so here's my deep meaningful part of my blog. its about dancing.

i feel that i've been spoken to from God to continue to chase my deep passion for dance. my short but ridiculously happy days with funktion, and my whole month with Dance 2xs-Michigan, was the happiest time of my life, if you took away all the drugs and the money i owed people. that coupled with 3 years experience being the step(another form of dance) leader for another group. God did not give me that time as a good memory.

so why the excitement?

2 nights ago there was a christian band show. i'm not talking scrubs, but these guys are good. to make a long story short they had a dance troupe kick the evening off. they weren't very tight, nor did they have the greatest moves, but seeing them on stage, with phat props and a pumping base, i was thrown back to old school shows i used to do in college. i've been approached by this group before, but i kinda blew them off because i was too worried about my job, but during their performance God basically said forget your job, you can not only be a part of that, but you can help them. i was up on a chair smiling my face off, and then i realized right then and there that my love for dance never died, but only got stronger. so i'm going to join their team. in 3 days. but who's counting?

just a little history of dance in hong kong churches. not existent. there are churches here in Hong Kong that are crazy old school (meaning that drums and rock and roll and long hair are from Satan), and are no where as near as the liberal places in the states. but i have been coupled with people whom have been fighting that norm for years. i've been at it only for one. i've been placed with pioneers for dance, HIP HOP dancing, in a whole nation.... can you feel the excitement?!??!! the leader of the team that performed has been THE main outlet of chirstian dance in Hong Kong for the past 4 years. everyone knows her, as the cool dancing chick. imagine that? being known in a city by all the chrsitians as having a cool ministry that everyone loves. this woman appproached me and asked if i could join?!?!?!?!

anyways, i'm so excited, and i'll keep anyone reading this updated.. until then, i gotta get some moves and keep my job.

dancing is so cool.......


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