so one of my friends, along with another friend of mine, took the afternoon off from work and went snowboarding. i can't believe the slackers.... but i am very jealous. you punks!

i'm in the middle of a huge plan right now that will change my life.... and everything that i have done and known to date. although my life is still in the earlier stages yet... an oppourtunity has arisen that is.. shall we say.. exciting. as a christian we always look for oppourtunities to step out in faith, to follow God's call. most of the time God calls us to go and do something that can claim more lives for Christ, i.e. become a preacher/pastor, become a missionary. however many people do not heed these calls, they just kinda ignore them. the thought is kinda like this, "that's cool for others, but i have a good job God, do i have to quit? do i have to be poor?" as a real christian that believes in all that the bible says, i can NOT ignore these calls. so, still dont know what i'm talking about?

well... lets just say that if God asked you to quit your job and to follow Him, what would you do? what if God asked you to start a business that you have no idea about, no training, to experience, no contacts, no money or savings, and with 3 others whom also have no background in... would you do it? everyone wants to be a disciple of Jesus, of God. yet no-one realizes how difficult it is. when you've been fishing all your life, it is all you know. espcially back 2000 years ago, it was a hard, but satisfying way of life. Jesus found some fisherman and said, "put down your nets, follow me and become fishers of men." so they did. there was no dot com explosion to ride, no lotto to win, no horses to bet on, shoot, there wasn't even a gold rush... they knew it would have a life of suppression, uncertainty, and hardships among others. now this is something like 2 lines in the bible, but it is a crazy notion. the 2K2 version? "Quit your job, and lets go help those in need." hmph. if some bearded dude in cloth and sandles told me to quit my job and then serve the poor a year ago, i would tell him where he could stick his ideas... but now, things are very very different. i know that if i step out in faith and do something that He calls me to... He will provide... is that just another Chrsitian catch phrase, or something that people live by? this is just food for thought, so dont feel like i'm trying to get you down or something.

question to you is, is God calling you to do anything? are you just ignoring it, thinking that it's for the next person, or you simply saying no? is your job right now the only place where God can MOST use your skills and gifts? oh well, just things to think about.


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